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Common questions about orkisort, EPIDs and the eBay Catalogue

What is PBSE?

Product Based Shopping Experience is a phrase introduced by eBay. As you may know, eBay are moving to a catalogue based system. This is to improve the browsing and shopping experience.


What is an EPID?

An EPID is the eBay Product Identifier, it is the reference given to the product in order that it can have a listing in the eBay catalogue.


How do I get an EPID?

If your product is already in the catalogue then it already has an EPID. If you have been asked to add your item to the catalogue then an EPID will be allocated when it is added.


Is my product in the eBay catalogue?

PBSE is being rolled out by category and brand, the eBay site defines the categories and brands currently required to be in the catalogue. You can use orkisort to search the catalogue to find out.


Do I still need to create listings?

Yes. The listing you create will be associated with the main catalogue entry. The buyer will click on the main catalogue item to find the sellers for that item.


Do you have listing services?

Yes, we also offer software to list and manage listings. And we can also offer consultancy services for the same.