Review ALL Your eBay Listings

Connect to eBay and find all your eBay listings
in the eBay catalogue.

The perfect way
to review all your eBay listings for PBSE.


Full Listings Look Up

To review all your eBay listings using orkisort

Reviewing all your eBay listings to see if they have matching eBay catalogue items has been made simple thanks orkisort. Just follow the steps below.


Register for an account with orkisort

To register for an orkisort account we just need a few simple details such as name and email address.


Grant permission for orkisort to connect to your eBay account

During the orkisort registration process we'll ask you to give us permission to connect to your eBay account. We do that so that we can download your listing information. You will be directed to an eBay page to let you do that. We'll also check that the email address you registered with us is operational.


Identify those items that you wish to check for in the eBay Catalogue

At the end of the registration process orkisort will download your existing eBay listings and display them in a table format that you can sort and order. To find out if your listings have a potential catalogue match simply check the box on the left hand side of each listing that you are interested in and choose the Look Up Listing option from the Action drop down box. You can check a fixed number of listings each month - you'll see the count is decreased each time you check for a match or catalogue hit.

If you want orkisort to check for new listings on your eBay account you can do this from your Account Settings.


Review the listings that have been potentially matched in the eBay Catalogue

Once orkisort has obtained eBay catalogue information it will display on the right hand side of each listing how many potential matches exist. To review these potential matches for each of your listings simply check the box on the left hand side of each listing and choose Review Listing  from the Action drop down box.


Step though the potential matches

To review your listing's potential matches simply step through the potential matches displayed and compare them against your listing.